How to Avoid Medical Bankruptcy Using Portable Heart Devices?

The increasing regulatory pressures in the hospital system are set to increase the cost of health care delivery to patients. Traditional care models relied on manual techniques to observe patients with chronic disease. This process is not only expensive, but also inefficient with errors.

In outpatient scenarios, the huge escalation in the incidence of long-term chronic conditions is placing an ever-greater burden on over-stretched resources. Patient care models today are ill-equipped to cope with the realities of tomorrows health demands.

In times of recession, many are filling for bankruptcy. Medical related bankruptcies are now dominating them. In a study published by the American Journal of Medicine in June 2009, it showed that health related issues left patients with highest medical expense due to chronic conditions like stroke. Around 92% of medically bankrupt patients, high medical bills were the major contributions to their bankruptcy.

Traditional approaches to health care management

This involves to wait for the disease to develop and then run to the health care provider for solutions. These solutions can be expensive with the use of wide array of diagnosing investigation. If the disease is already progressed, then the cost of treatment of these can be exorbitant.

Some of the scary statistics which come from various studies published in scientific journals show that that Health related expenses for stroke can be as high as $23. 380 per individual. The total cost of stroke to the United States is estimated at $43 billion per year. The direct costs of medical care and therapy are estimated at $28 billion per year. Indirect costs from lost productivity and other factors are estimated at $15 million per year. These facts about stroke are not meant to scare you or shock you. But they are real and you must be aware of them if you want to keep you and your family safe from deadly killer.

Best Solutions to manage your health.

There is a old adage that Apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is much more relevant in the current era. With recession looming all over the world, and business spending for employers cut, In the corporate world, 0. 25% of the companies cancel coverage, if an employee has disabling illness.

Prevention is the key for better health

To better manage these scenarios, it is quite vital that healthcare management begins at home. Adopting healthy lifestyle, by quitting smoking habits and excessive caffeine consumption. Maintaining a healthy diet with regular consumption of green leafy vegetable rich food and cutting down junk food.

Following Regular exercise programs like walking, r unning and jogging. Visiting health care professionals annually if above the age of 40 years for regular health check. In addition to the above, by using simple techniques like

1. Digital Weight scales to check your weight regularly and measure Body Mass Index.

2. Portable ECG/EKG devices to monitor heart rate and any changes in abnormal heart rhythms like Atrial Fibrillation.

3. Portable Hand Held Heart Rate Monitors to check your heart rate while jogging, walking or any sports related activities.

4. Body fat analyzer to check your body fat and analyze it your height and weight.

By following these simple techniques it is possible to avoid the long term high medical expenses for disease management, and also medical related bankruptcies in future.

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