Douglas Colt – an Alumnus of Georgetown University

On May 2000, Douglas Colt graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington DC. Georgetown Law was the first law school that was established in the United States by a Jesuit institution of higher learning. Douglas Colt received a Juris Doctor which is considered to be the first professional graduate degree and is a professional doctorate in law. In addition, he was also the cum laude when he graduated from the said university.

Having an impressive GPA of a 10.8/12, Douglas Colt was part of the top 10% of his class. Moreover, he was the editor of “The Georgetown Law Journal” which is the Law Review flagship of Georgetown University. It publishes articles on timely issues by professors and practitioners as well as producing the Annual Review of Criminal Procedure, solicits reviews of recent books, coordinates symposia on important topics, and produces thoughtful student notes.

From 1997-1998 as well as from 1998-1999, Douglas Colt constantly received honors and was on the dean’s list. He was also a part of certain activities such as Mock Trials which are contrived or imitation trials in which students try to test theories and experiment with one another in order to learn and enhance certain skills. Furthermore, he was also an active member of an a cappella group in Georgetown University called the Moral Hazard. This was a group that was specifically formed for students who had a passion for singing such as himself.

Washington University is a nonsectarian, private research institute which is situated in Saint Louis, Missouri. Douglas Colt graduated from this fine university on May 1997 where he received a degree in Bachelor of Arts with honors – majoring in Economics and Political Science. In addition, Douglas Colt also boasts of a grade point average of 3.55/4.

Given his GPA, it is not surprising that Douglas Colt obtained several honors as well as doing extremely well at Washington University. His accomplishments in this institution include receiving the Todd Lewis Friedman Prize for Best Graduate in Political Science. The Friedman Prize is awarded yearly for outstanding work in comparative or international politics. Moreover, Douglas Colt was also awarded the Sally E. Strain Scholarship Recipient as well as being on the dean’s list from 1994-1997.

Apart from his academics, he was also a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha Honorary Society. This group is the only honor society for college and university students of government in the United States. Another group that Douglas Colt was a part of is the Omicron Delta Kappa Honorary Society which is a National Leadership Honor Society. Furthermore, he was awarded the Senator of the Year and in 1995 he was the Scholarship Banquet Keynote Speaker.

Being such an active student, Douglas Colt was the Washington University Student Union Senator. In addition, he was also the Entertainment Council Chairman of the university as well as being the Campus Programming Council Chairman. To add to that, he was also part of the Washington University Campus Volunteer which is an active student organization that provides a broad range of programs to meet the needs of the students.

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